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On DVD: Hannibal starring Victor Mature,
and Scipio Africanus, who defeated him.


For centuries, Rome and Carthage waged war to determine who would control the Western Mediterranean Sea — and go on to conquer the world. The Carthaginian general Hannibal, crossing the Alps with his elephants, posed the greatest threat to Rome — but ultimately met his match in the greatest of Roman generals, Scipio Africanus. The ultimate triumph of Rome came with the total destruction of Carthage in an orgy of fire and ruin...

FIRE AND BRONZE by Robert Raymond A novel about the foundation of Carthage, future enemy of Rome, and the city’s first queen, the legendary Dido.

PRIDE OF CARTHAGE by David Anthony Durham Epic novel of Hannibal’s extraordinary life and his lifelong war on Rome, set against a heady evocation of ancient Carthage

THE LION’S BROOD: The Story of Hannibal by Rafael Scott First volume of a trilogy about the great military strategist details the upbringing that fed his fanatical passion to destroy Rome.

THE SWORD OF HANNIBAL by Terry McCarthy A young mercenary joins Hannibal’s army in a quest for riches and revenge.

THE CARTHAGINIAN TRILOGY by Ross Leckie spans the generations of war between Rome and her rival: I. HANNIBAL, in which the scarred and defeated general recounts the epic story of his life; II. SCIPIO, in which the greatest of all Roman generals tells how he vanquished Hannibal; and III. CARTHAGE , in which 300 years of conflict reach a thundering climax, as one city will inherit the world and the other faces total destruction.

A SPY FOR HANNIBAL by Elisabeth Roberts Craft While Hannibal crosses the Alps, Hasdrubal of Carthage spies for the general in Rome. Also by Craft: In the Court of the Queen, a novel of Mesopotamia.

CARTHAGE by Peter Huby The Roman siege of Carthage ends in a merciless orgy of fire, destruction, slaughter, and enslavement.

HANNIBAL’S CHILDREN by John Maddox Roberts A novel of alternate history in which Rome falls to Carthage. Sequel: The Seven Hills. By the author of the SPQR mystery series.

THE YOUNG CARTHAGINIAN by G.A. Henty A young noble follows Hannibal on his campaigns. Click here to see more novels for younger readers.

SALAMMBO by Gustave Flaubert Towering novel of ancient Carthage by the author of Madame Bovary, as intoxicating and voluptuous today as when it was first published in 1862.

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