“A rocket of a read!”
…says the Austin American-Statesman. Steven delivers ”something really different with a small-town Texas Gothic…An interesting, offbeat book, written in a quiet tone despite its sensational subject and its twist in the conventional serial killer psyche,” says The Poisoned Pen Booknews. At once a literary novel, a murder mystery, and a gothic romance, Have You Seen Dawn? pays homage to the genres it evokes, even as it quietly subverts them. Now available for Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.

“A riveting historical mystery…fascinating and provocative…”
…says the New York Times about
A Twist at the End, Steven’s epic novel about the Texas Servant Girl murders of 1885—America’s first recorded serial murders—now available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks or Audible audiobook). Using O. Henry as his fictional hero, Steven artfully blends real characters and true crime in an engrossing work of fiction. “Saylor, a veteran of the historical novel, navigates these rapids with confident skill...Better still, in the manner of O. Henry himself, he saves a cunning twist for the end.” (Washington Post Book World)

Watch an interview with Steven about O. Henry—once upon a time the most famous writer in America, and the main character of A Twist at the End. Read reviews of Twist and an interview with Steven about the research and writing of the novel.
Future, Present, Past for KindleiBooksNook Three short stories from three different genres: “Insecticide,” a chilling tale of the near-future…“Murder Myth-Begotten,” a modern-day story of suspense…and “The Eagle and the Rabbit,” set in 146 B.C. after the fall of the Carthage, as a handful of survivors are hunted down by ruthless Roman mercenaries—a timeless tale of cruelty and betrayal, courage and freedom.
A Bookish Bent: Essays About Reading, Writing & George Bush’s Close Call on the Running Trail for KindleiBooksNook
My Mother’s Ghost: 3 Autobiographical Essays & the Prize-Winning Short Story “Kinder, Gentler” for KindleiBooksNook

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