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Read Steven’s essay about the new novel, “Gordianus Lives!” (from Mystery Readers Journal).

“No contemporary novelist approaches Saylor’s continued ability to bring ancient Rome to life.”Kirkus

“Saylor is on top form with the latest in his extraordinarily vivid series of crime novels set in ancient Rome.”
Sunday Times (London)

“Stellar...compelling...a triumph!”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The new Roma Sub Rosa novel:
Gordianus returns in
The Triumph of Caesar is the twelfth in Steven Saylor’s Roma Sub Rosa series, built around the life of the investigator Gordianus the Finder and his large extended family. In this latest investigation, Gordianus has been asked by Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife, to uncover a suspected plot against her husband’s life...As ever, Saylor has cunningly married his historical research with his gift for storytelling; plot and characterisation are as compelling as ever and the book provides a most satisfying read—best gulped down in one delicious sitting. ” —Peter Brown, 3Sixty

“Gordianus plunges into the scary, fascinating world of Roman plots and betrayals...Fast-paced action, a deeply realized main character, and accessible history make this series first-rate on all fronts.” —Booklist

“We meet again a cold and clever Cleopatra, an ambitious Marc Antony, a ridiculous Cicero, and, though briefly, an icy cold Octavius, one of the best portraits of the future Augustus I’ve ever read in fiction.”—Mare Nostrum

Fascinating in its scope and detail, Steven Saylor’s exquisitely rendered novel portrays a period of Roman history wherein everything is askew and nothing is quite right. An invisible malady seems to plague Rome, specific and growing dangers await the triumphant Julius Caesar, and only Gordianus — one of the most charismatic sleuths in the world of historical fiction — can help ancient Rome avert a seemingly inevitable disaster.” —Tim Davis, BookLoons Reviews

“It is 46 BC, and Julius Caesar has vanquished his rivals and conquered the world for Rome. But will he survive his triumphant return to a city where public pageantry masks private grievance, where banquet guests chew on broken promises, and where shrewd men and women angle for power, knowledge, stature, riches, sex — the spoils of peace? From its opening sentence, The Triumph of Caesar is rich with intrigue and the aura of Roman history. Steven Saylor’s clear-eyed detective-narrator, Gordianus the Finder, is the perfect guide to the city, bringing its mysteries to light and bringing its monumental characters — Antony, Cicero, Brutus, Calpurnia, Cleopatra — to life, even as he cuts them down to size.” —Evan Carton, author of Patriotic Treason: John Brown and the Soul of America

“As Caesar’s four great triumphal celebrations follow one after the next in the greatest celebration Rome has ever witnessed, Gordianus crisscrosses the city’s streets and byways, from the estates of the exalted, to grim back alleys, to the dungeons of condemned foreign captives, looking to decode his murdered friend’s final journal entries and prevent Caesar’s triumphal jubilee from ending in a State funeral — and a possible civil war....Every book showcases Saylor’s impeccable research and his talent for painting vivid narrative portraits of life as the Romans lived it, all while telling cleverly constructed tales of mystery and murder.” —Kilian Melloy, Edge/Boston

“Just ten pages into The Triumph of Caesar, I had learned more Roman history from Steven Saylor than from all my high school and college professors combined...Saylor whips up more than enough plot, character, and suspense to carry the mystery to a satisfying conclusion — but it’s the historical backdrop and detail that set The Triumph of Caesar apart.” —Mike Shea, Texas Monthly