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THE GOLDEN MEAN by Annabel Lyon Aristotle is forced to postpone his dream of succeeding Plato as the leader of the Academy in Athens when Philip of Macedon asks him to tutor his precocious son, Alexander. In her first novel, Annabel Lyon imagines one of history’s most intriguing relationships and the war at its heart between ideas and action as a way of knowing the world.
A DREAM OF EAGLES by Jack Whyte One of Canada’s most popular authors recounts the tale of King Arthur on a grand scale, as Roman legions vie against native Celts in 5th century Britain. I. The Skystone, II. The Singing Sword, III. The Saxon Shore, IV. The Eagles’ Brood, V. The Sorceror: The Fort at River’s Bend, VI. The Sorceror: Metamorphosis, VII: Uther, VIII: Clothar the Frank, and the much-anticipated new novel, IX: The Eagle.
THE MYTHS “A series of works that retell the great myths of the world is being released simultaneously in more than 30 countries, one of the largest synchronized publishing efforts ever...The first three full-length books in the series are : A SHORT HISTORY OF MYTH by Karen Armstrong; THE PENELOPIAD by Margaret Atwood, a retelling of the myth of Penelope and Odysseus; and WEIGHT by Jeanette Winterson, an updating of the tale of Atlas and Herakles....A half-dozen other writers have committed to future books, which the publisher vows will eventually number more than 100.” (The New York Times)
THE EAGLE’S PREY by Simon Scarrow is the latest novel chronicling the adventures of centurion Macro during the Roman invasion of Britain, a brazen tale of military adventure, political intrigue, and heroism. Previous novels in the series: Under the EagleThe Eagle’s ConquestWhen the Eagle HuntsThe Eagle and the Wolves
TROY: LORD OF THE SILVER BOW by David Gemmell “Britain’s King of Heroic Fantasy” (GMI) begins the tale of Troy by introducing the warrior of many names, Aeneas. “Britain’s King of Heroic Fantasy” (GMI) begins the tale of Troy by introducing the warrior of many names, Aeneas. • Also by Gemmell: LION OF MACEDON re-imagines the world of Alexander the Great with wizardry and magic. The far-flung adventures of the warrior Parmenion and the young Alexander continue in DARK PRINCE.
THE NERO PREDICTION by Humphry Knipe When Rome ruled the world, astrology ruled Rome. Nero’s secretary battles the prediction that he will murder the musical messiah. THE ISLE OF STONE by Nicholas Nicastro A novel about the rivalry between Sparta and Athens, by the author of Empire of Ashes (about Alexander) and The John Paul Jones Trilogy.
THE MEMOIRS OF HELEN OF TROY by Amanda Elyot In middle age, Helen writes her autobiography for her daughter, Hermione, revealing how she became the notorious Helen of Troy. AUGUSTUS by John Williams Winner of the National Book Award. “A masterpiece.” (LA Times) “An always engaging, psychologically convincing work of fiction.” (NY Times)
SAND OF THE ARENA by James Duffy Gladiators fight to the death in imperial Rome. First of a new seires. THE RISE & FALL OF THE SACRED BAND OF THEBES by G.A. Hauser follows the elite training of a young Theban aristocrat. By the author of In the Shadow of Alexander.
THE LAST LEGION by Valerio Massimo Manfredi A Roman legion in Britain faces the end of the empire. High adventure by the author of The Alexander Trilogy and Spartan. MEN OF BRONZE by Scott Oden In 526 B.C., the decadent kingdom of Egypt faces threats and intrigue from Greeks, Persians, and Phoenicians.
FOLLOWING HADRIAN by Elizabeth Speller combines travelogue, biography and fictional memoir to recount the life of the emperor Hadrian, who ruled Rome at the peak of her power. POMPEII by Robert Harris The bestselling author of Fatherland recreates an opulent world on the brink of disaster. Read Harris’s piece on “The Lost Library of Rome” in the Sunday Times.
EMPEROR: The Field of Swords by Conn Iggulden continues the saga of Julius Caesar begun in the bestselling Emperor: The Gates of Rome and Emperor: The Death of Kings. THE EUNUCH NEFERU by Daniel Tegan Marsche In the 1st century B.C., an aging Roman general, smitten by the handsome peasant Kebryn, takes the youth from his desert hovel to the marble halls of Alexandria.
THE EVENING OF THE WORLD by Allan Massie First in the Dark Ages Trilogy; a young nobleman witnesses barbarian onslaughts and the seedy splendors of Byzantium. CALIGULA by Allan Massie Massie’s novel about Rome’s most notorious emperor is “deftly drawn and totally engrossing.” (Barry Unsworth)
THE DRUID KING by Norman Spinrad SciFi master turns to historical epic with the tale of Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls against Julius Caesar. Spinrad wrote the screenplay for the movie on DVD. IN THE ARMY OF MARCUS BATALLIUS by David M. Ross When German barbarians threaten the northern frontier, emperor Marcus Aurelius sends legionary commander Batallius to build forts on the Rhine.
THE YOUNG JULIAN by Thomas J. Hairston Grand-nephew of Constantine the Great, the eventual emperor Julian is stalked through his adolescence by a powerful cousin bent on his death. JUSTINIAN by Basil Eleftheriou The greatest of Byzantine emperors reorganizes the decaying Roman empire in the East, and makes an ex-prostitute his wife and empress.
MEMOIRS OF A BYZANTINE EUNUCH by Christopher Harris Castrated and enslaved, Zeno becomes the property of an eminent scholar and is ushered into the glittering court-life of Constantinople. LEGION by William Altimari First Century military adventure follows the fortunes of a centurion who arrives in Gaul to train the raw recruits of the 25th Legion, just in time to face a massive barbarian invasion.
THE FIRST HEROES: New Tales of the Bronze Age ed by Turtledove & Doyle 14 original tales by authors including Gene Wolfe, Poul Anderson, Judith Tarr, and S.M. Stirling range from the Euphrates to Troy and beyond. 68 A.D. by D.G. Bellenger Valerian, son of the murdered emperor Galba, encounters intrigue, rebellion, and murder as he seeks his father’s assassins.
THE LOVE-ARTIST by Jane Alison On the Black Sea coast, the poet Ovid encounters Xenia, a wild-eyed young woman who becomes his muse. AN IMAGINARY LIFE by David Malouf In exile on the desolate Black Sea coast, the supremely urbane poet Ovid attempts to civilize a feral child.
Back in Print! The classic novels of Alfred Duggan include THREE’S COMPANY, a novel of the struggle between Octavian and Antony as seen by the third man in the Triumvirate, Lepidus. WINTER QUARTERS follows the far-flung adventures of two Gauls in the Roman legions, including Crassus’s Parthian campaign. CONSCIENCE OF THE KING and THE LITTLE EMPERORS are set in turbulent Roman Britain.
DOMITIA & DOMITIAN by David Corson Panoramic (697 pages) novel of the emperor whose reign saw the siege of Masada, the burying of Pompeii, and the opening of the Colosseum. TRAJAN AND PLOTINA by David Corson The marriage of Trajan, the “perfect prince,” and the philosopher-empress Plotina raises Rome to new heights of grandeur.
COMIC NOVELS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by Tom Holt • No other author approaches the ancient world with the comic panache of Britain’s Tom Holt. A Song for Nero poses a stunner of a “what if” about the latter days of the notorious emperor. Alexander at the World’s End tells parallel tales of two Alexanders — one busy conquering the world, the other struggling to care for his own village. Olympiad uncovers fertile comedy in the first Olympic Games.
NOVELS OF ANCIENT EGYPT by Richard A. Gabriel • Military scholar Gabriel turns to historical fiction with two epic novels of ancient Egypt: Warrior Pharaoh, and a sequel, Lion of the Sun. Both are chronicles of Thutmose III, Great Lion of Egypt, as told by Thaneni the Scribe. Also by Gabriel: Great Armies of AntiquityGreat Battles of Antiquity Great Captains of Antiquity The Military History of Ancient Israel
THE MASTERS OF ROME SERIES by Colleen McCullough chronicles in epic detail the same period as Steven’s Roma Sub Rosa series. The saga begins with The First Man in Rome, about the bloody rivalry of Marius and Sulla, continues with The Grass Crown, Fortune’s Favorites, Caesar’s Women, Caesar, and reaches its climax with The October Horse, a novel of Caesar, Cleopatra and the end of Roman Republic.
THE ROMAN TRILOGY by Benita Kane Jaro Three interrelated but independent novels focus on the same period as Steven’s Roma Sub Rosa books: The Key, about the poet Catullus; The Lock, about Cicero; and The Door in the Wall, about Marcus Caelius, the quicksilver lover of Clodia, protege of Cicero, and betrayer of Caesar. John le Carre says Jaro possesses “a voice I can listen to, and an ear that hears right.”
PILATE & THE EARLY CHRISTIANS • In the spirit of Quo Vadis?, The Robe, and The Silver Chalice, Paul Maier’s documentary-style novels include Pontius Pilate, about the Roman politician who made a fateful choice, and The Flames of Rome, set in Nero’s reign. • In Memoirs of Pontius Pilate by James R. Mills, thirty years after the death of Jesus, an exiled Pilate compiles his memoirs.

British polymath Peter Huby is an artist, filmmaker, and writer with a special passion for the ancient world. (At left: his scupture Icarus & Daedalus.) Huby’s brief, potently charged novels offer unusual insight into primal myth and tragedy:

The queen of Crete, consumed with passion for a white bull, turns for help to the inventor Daedalus.

CARTHAGE The Roman siege of Carthage ends in a merciless orgy of fire, destruction, slaughter, and enslavement.

Through a long and varied career, Gillian Bradshaw has established herself as a leading author of historical fiction set in the ancient world.

What if the son of Caesar and Cleopatra had not been killed after his mother’s demise? That’s the intriguing premise of Cleopatra’s Heir. In The Beacon at Alexandria, a young woman passes as a eunuch to study medicine in Alexandria, and becomes a doctor on the frontiers of the Roman Empire.The Sand-Reckoner charts the life of Archimedes, who used scientific genius to create weapons of mass destruction. • Island of Ghosts is a tale of frontier intrigue, as soldiers patrol Hadrian’s Wall on the “Island of Ghosts” — foggy, barbaric Britannia. • In Render Unto Caesar, a young Alexandrian travels to Rome and encounters a female gladiator who is more than she seems. • Alchemy of Fire takes place in Constantinople in 672 AD, as a concubine tries to hide the fact that her daughter is a royal princess.

THE LIGHT BEARER by Donna Gillespie Sprawling thousand-page saga of Auriane, a gutsy, larger-than-life Germanic heroine, and her epic adventures in the tumultuous age of Nero and Domitian. CUTTER’S ISLAND by David Corson Short novel based on a seminal event of Caesar’s youth — his kidnapping by pirates. The same incident inspired Steven’s “Little Caesar and the Pirates” in The House of the Vestals.
DOMINIC by Kathleen Robinson An orphaned Gaulish dwarf trains as an acrobat and tours the ancient world with a Greek circus troupe; a tale of unlikely heroism. GAMES OF VENUS by Sylvia Shults Orphaned and sold into slavery, Camilla becomes the most sought-after courtesan in Pompeii. By the author of Golden Horus.
DAUGHTER OF LAZARUS by Albert A. Bell, Jr. Lorcis, a female slave, witnesses the eruption of Vesuvius and the decadence of Domitian’s court. By the author of All Roads Lead to Murder. CENTURION by Peter W. Mitsopoulos Centurion Glaxus Valtinius battles wild beasts, barbarians, and the incompetence of his own commander, whose carelessness threatens the survival of three legions.

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