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A Mist of Prophecies - Steven Saylor
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Rome, 48 B.C.: As the forces of Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great fight a bloody civil war for supremacy in the far-flung outreaches of the empire, the city of Rome itself becomes a hotbed of intrigue, riven by espionage, greedy profiteering and bitter betrayals. When a beautiful young seeress staggers across the marketplace and dies in the arms of Gordianus the Finder, he finds himself drawn into the secret war being waged against one another by Rome’s most powerful women.

“The problem with a writer with the brilliance of Steven Saylor is that he leaves almost impossible standards for other writers to measure up to. With A Mist of Prophecies, Saylor exceeds even his usual standards of excellence.

El Paso Times

Vivid and robust...exquisite detail and powerful drama.
Philadelphia Inquirer

Saylor shows once again why fans of ancient historicals
regard him as the leader of the field.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“If you want to visit Rome—ancient Rome—this is the way to go!” Oklahoman

It would be impossible to imagine a more stellar lineup of suspects in all imperial Rome. Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating work!” Midwest Book Review

One of the best mystery series being published today...A pitch-perfect work...gripping prose. Austin Chronicle (read the full review)

On both a historical and fictive level, the book is gripping, frightening, elucidating...the series—and Saylors inventiveness—have yet to show a trace of wear. Wigglefish.com (read the full review)

“Saylor writes with such easy grace that the politics of these vicious times become as captivating to the reader as the mystery of Cassandra’s life and violent death.” Tampa Tribune & Times

A gritty depiction of the underbelly of the great city in its heyday...The secret history of Rome has never been so fascinating.
Maxim Jakubowski, The Guardian